Youth Social Engagement

in Central and Eastern Europe


In 2014, the association socioMovens e.V. was founded to actively strengthen the social-ethical education of young people in countries of Central and Eastern Europe together with young priests and religious. In addition, socioMovens wants to give the social- caritative youth movement a forum in order to stand up for the construction of a Europe of solidarity beyond national borders. In the long term, it is also intended to further expand the pastoral and youth-social networks in the partner countries in order to implement social-ethical youth education together with local cooperation partners. So far, young people and project partners from seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe are actively involved.

The socioethical education of socioMovens is based on three important pillars:

  • Social engagement
  • Living Community 
  • Spirituality

The meetings of socioMovens with the young people and project partners are implemented in different event frameworks and on different levels.

On a local level, the project and social weeks take place in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

At the national level, meetings lasting several days serve to exchange experiences and promote the social-ethical commitment of former participants in their respective living environments.

On an international level, youth meetings are regularly organized to promote exchange, networking and further development of the socioMovens movement.

In addition, national and international trainings take place with the project coordinators in order to carry out training units for social-ethical, methodical and spiritual further education. The projects and programs of the registered association are coordinated and inspired by an international board of directors, which is supported by a social-ethical advisory board.